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At JNJ Online Auction we will strive to keep our fees low to help keep more money in YOUR pocket. 

Please remember that we do have bills to pay in order to keep us in business but we believe that it is you, our customer, who comes first.  Below are our fees:

 LISTING: $2.00 per Lot (anything that is in the picture is a lot)


Seller: 18% of selling price

Buyer: 8% if picked up within 5 days; 13% if picked up past 5 days. After 10 days the Buyer Premium can go up to 20% and any item not paid for after 10 business days can be re-listed.

BUY BACKS: The seller is allowed to place a 1 time bid on his/her own item but must be as close to the end of the auction as possible.  Seperate from the $2 listing fee there is an additional $2 fee to buy back your item. Buy Back items must be removed within 5 business days     after the close of the auction or it can be considered abandoned after 10 days. Those abandoned items will become property of the selling store and sold with all proceeds being retained by that store.

HAUL BACK ITEMS:  The feature of having your paid items hauled to a store close to you is a great option to have but when those items are not picked up from the receiving store it does put a strain on their resources and space.  Items MUST be picked up as soon as possible.  Any items not picked up past 10 business days of delivery will be considered abandoned and can be sold by the receiving store with NO refund given back to the original winning bidder.


 Call 877MYJNJOA (877-695-6562)  


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