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Thank you for taking the time to stop by and visit with us.  Since you took the extra time to click on this “About Us’ tab then we will tell you a little bit about the JNJ history.


Who ever thought that kids and the economy could ever be the two determining factors that would start something like this?  In mid 2009 the Dykman family was in search of a desk for their young daughter.  She wanted a white desk with a drawer and Mom and Dad did not want to spend as much as what the big box stores wanted.  One was found in a nearby city but the question was asked of the seller, “How can you sell this new desk cheaper than the store”?  Soon thereafter the Dykman family learned that there is a market for liquidated merchandise and started buying and selling on the internet as well as out of a drafty warehouse. 


In early 2011 their first store was opened in Muskegon and was called JNJ Discount.  The letters JNJ are in fact the Dykman children’s first name initials.  As they progressed through 2011 doors began to open on the Madison Street property and what were once only thoughts of opening an online auction was soon to be a reality.  Opening in August 2011 at 1777 Madison Street in Muskegon MI was the new JNJ Discount Store and Online Auction Center owned by Kurt, Pam & Nick Dykman.


As word spread and business began to grow two families with like desires and goals came together and the end result was a new JNJ Online Auction - Fremont.  In early 2012 Dave and Kim Beets joined with the Dykman Family and opened their own Fremont location.


Both families believe in honesty, integrity and giving each and every customer a favorable and positive JNJ experience. 


We thank you for taking the time to visit with us and look forward to meeting and doing business with you.


As always – See ya at the Auction.


 Call 877MYJNJOA (877-695-6562)



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